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- 1 - University of Waterloo School of Computer Science CS348 Sections 1&2 Fall 2010 Assignment 1 Due: Oct. 5, 2010 1 . RentABoat Charters is an agent that leases sailboats to customers for a fee. RentABoat does not own any sailboats but instead leases them on behalf of boat owners who wish to earn income when they are not using their boats. Each boat is identified by a registration number, and is owned by a unique owner. Other data on each boat include its length, type, and the fee charged by the owner for each charter. For the service, RentABoat charges a fee, which depends on the charter. Each lease or charter is identified by a unique number. Owner data include the name and address, the boats he/she owns as well as information on which boats are/were leased to a customer. Owner names are unique and could own one or more boats. Each sailboat is fully equipped at the time it is leased. Most of the equipments are provided by the owners, but some are added by RentABoat. Some examples of owner-provided equipments are radios,
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