The Rise of Sunflowers

The Rise of Sunflowers - how it spread to other places...

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Kasey Remillard 9-28-10 The Rise of Sunflowers This article is about a new fossil found in South America. This fossil suggests that daises, sunflowers and chrysanthemums originated in South America more than 47 million years ago. The sunflower family, also known as the Compositae or Asteraceae, has many plants considered in its family. The daisy, chrysanthemum, and sunflower are only a few of the 23,000 other wild species. This family of plants is very useful to humans. This family allows humans to enjoy eating lettuce and even artichokes. This family of sunflowers is found today on every continent but Antarctica, only because of its low temperature and high elevation areas. The sunflower family is not alive at extreme temperature or high elevation areas. No one knows exactly where the sunflower family first evolved or even
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Unformatted text preview: how it spread to other places. However, because this fossil was found researchers now have a new lead on these questions. This is very rare that they found fossils of this family because there are relatively few fossils found before. One of the fossils was well preserved and it will open up great new research on the history of the sunflower family and it adds evidence that the sunflower family originated in southern South America about 47 to 50 million years ago. Kasey Remillard 9-28-10 Citation: BREVIA Eocene Patagonia Fossils of the Daisy Family V. D. Barreda, L. Palazzesi, M. C. Tellería, L. Katinas, J. V. Crisci, K. Bremer, M. G. Passalia, R. Corsolini, R. Rodríguez Brizuela, and F. Bechis (24 September 2010) Science 329 (5999), 1621. [DOI: 10.1126/science.1193108]...
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The Rise of Sunflowers - how it spread to other places...

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