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English Bread Givers Final

English Bread Givers Final - Novak 1 Katherine Novak...

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Novak 1 Katherine Novak English Rhetoric II Dr. Siegmund 19 February 2010 Power of Perseverance Anzia Yezierska’s novel, The Bread Givers, illustrates the complicated struggle that immigrants face when moving to a new country searching for success. Immigrants are forced to incorporate their previous culture with their new environment. Yeizierska’s main character, Sara Smolinsky, travels with her family to the United States from Russia to escape anti-Semitic murders in the early 1920s. Sara’s father, Reb, refers to himself as a holy man and devotes his life to continuing his religious studies. While moving to the United States his aim is to continue their previous Jewish Orthodox customs not taking into consideration the freedom America encourages. The Smolinsky family moves to Lower East Side, New York where Sara is faced with the dilemma of either living her life as an American or following her father’s advice of maintaining their Jewish customs. Although traditional Jewish ideology is forced upon Sara Smolinsky since childhood, she ultimately chooses to embrace American culture by attempting to seek an independent lifestyle free from her father. Some might categorize Sara’s actions throughout the novel as selfish, I believe she is trying to break free from the cultural and gender constraints that her faith sanctions her to. Sara is introduced at the beginning of Bread Givers as a stubborn daughter who takes her fate into her own hands to ultimately find success as a schoolteacher. While gaining an education she obtains enlightenment of the cultural differences she shares with her parents. Sara Smolinsky’s journey throughout Bread
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Novak 2 Givers is separated into three separate books, “Hester Street”, “Between Two Worlds” and “The New World” where the spaces she occupies reflect the transformation her inner character endures to gain its autonomy. Sara contradicts the traditional Jewish beliefs of her father throughout “Living on Hester Street” with the idea of pursuing her desire for independence. The Smolinsky
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English Bread Givers Final - Novak 1 Katherine Novak...

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