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English Bread Givers

English Bread Givers - o Everything happens in the kitchen...

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22/01/2010 13:59:00 Katherine Novak English II 22 January 2010 Father who devotes his life to studying the Jewish faith Place:  Cramed space women live in a crammed room Father is a washed up lunatic douchebag Diamond dealer: schmuck Marja: skank-bitch Stink of the hovel where they live-why don’t they just leave Verisimilitude: truthfulness If you hate the father what she does makes sense to you: Authors point of view  they wording that she uses needs to persuade you. Places: Store (fake) Apt. o Constricts o Gloomy living environment- not homey Home is cozy, comfortable, safe o Dirty/dingy o Not a place I want to live Music Hall Fish Store o Emphasizes living environment o Hot, gross
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Hester St. Push Carts Kitchen o All the main events o Where father interacts with his children and why Barks at them and instructs them what to do
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Unformatted text preview: o Everything happens in the kitchen and they are always in it o Change in their lives translates through the kitchen o Conditions of the place reflects the condition of the space • Father’s Room o Theoretically you could go in but you really can’t o This room divides and blocks the traditional idea of the home o Makes Masha selfish and greedy for her own space o Bessy: creates a submissive environment for her Represses her with the weight of the men o Mother: Goes back and forth o Nicer- When suitors come they go to the father’s\4 room • Library • Boyfriend’s Place ← Spaces ← Locations ← Father is never right ← ← Bibliophile : one that is obsessed with books/ lover of books ← Code-Switching ←...
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English Bread Givers - o Everything happens in the kitchen...

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