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13:57 Topics and Requirements Worksheet Paper Three English 1302-045, Spring 2010 During our reading and discussions of Rocket Boys , we have focused on the ways in which space (physical, earthly, outer, geographical, personal, etc) helps to construct, mold, deny, or alter identity. For this essay, choose one or two (but no more) passages from Rocket Boys that address the issues of space and identity. Photocopy those pages and bring them to class with you on Monday, April 5 rd . Based on the passages you select, you will write an essay that uses a close reading of those passages in order to extrapolate a broader conclusion about identity in Rocket Boys as a whole. Your reading should be sharp, detailed, and strictly textually based. From your close reading you will construct a thesis about the general shape of the novel, and then you will demonstrate how your close reading fits in to that larger pattern. You will have 50 minutes to write. I will provide you with blue books. Finding identity through reinstalled hope Never gave up but continued to try to achieve the dream of becoming a NASA engineer that his mother installed in him Mother fought against adversity The underdog rising from their lost identity to achieving success with the help of their community USA space crew gaining support from the presidential nominees and their country to overcome Russia success with Sputnik Coalwood transgressing their obsession from the football players to the success of Sonny Hickman through their loyal support of the rocket boys even ad their town is
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TRWpaper3 - 13:57 Topics and Requirements Worksheet Paper...

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