Mrs. Turner Racism

Mrs. Turner Racism - She sees her brother as a replacement,...

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Katherine Novak Mrs. Miller English Period 5 7 April 2008 The African American Racism In Zora Neil Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God , Hurston emphasizes the racism throughout the African American race, through the character of Mrs. Turner. Mrs. Turner is an African American woman who owns the plantation that Tea Cake, and his wife, Janie, l on. Mrs. Turner believes that Janie is too good for Tea Cake due to her light brown complexion. Instead she believes that Janie should marry a man of her own color. Beliving in the best for Janie, Mrs. Turner, "didn't forgive [Janie] for marrying a man as dark as Tea Cake, but she felt that she can remedy that. That was what her brother was born for." (Hurston 163). Mrs. Turner sees that leaving Tea Cake was a necessity, due to his dark color.
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Unformatted text preview: She sees her brother as a replacement, not out of love but to further lighten the African American race. Furthermore, when Janie doesn't agree with what Mrs. Turner is saying Mrs. Turner respondes, "You'se different from me. Ah cant stand black niggers. Ah don't blame de white folks from hatin 'em 'cause Ah can't stand 'em myself. 'Nother thing, Ah hates tuh see folks lak me and you mixed up wid 'em. Us oughta class off." (Hurston 163). Mrs. Turner believes that the closer the African American race gets to being white, the easier the whites will accept them. She believes that the color of Janie and herself should be considered their own race; they shouldn't be mixed in with the black race....
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