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2�21�08 Thoreau

2�21�08 Thoreau - Civil Disobedience(Passive...

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5/8/08 8:21 PM HENRY DAVID THOREAU 1817-1862 lived in Concord Massachusetts Went and graduated from Harvard At Harvard everyone was supposed to wear black, so he wore green Saw a lot of the Irish Immigrants around him and said, "The mass of men lead lives of quite desperation" They had no live except they worked, and worked, and worked July 4th 1848- Independence Day moved to Walden's pond lived there for 2 years (his mother did his laundry) 1849 wrote Civil Disobedience went it as a result of going to jail for not paying his poll tax. He didn't want to pay this tax because he was against the Mexican Way. He believed it was a battle over Texas to extend slave slates Was a proactive abolitionist, who tried to get people to Canada His aunt bailed him out of jail, which he was not happy about
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Unformatted text preview: Civil Disobedience (Passive Resistance) Deliberate breaking of laws considered unjust. Form of non-violent direct action MLK and Ghandi used these Both had read Thoreau's essay on civil disobedience, and this is where they got this idea People didn't like Thoreau was a crank, never had a job, was always taken care of by someone else Ended up living with his parents Knew concord very well, always wandering around, very into Nature Nature taught him to write: observing, meditating Very brilliant man, Emerson saw this in him At his parents house, he got a cold which turned into tuberculosis, and he died LAWS Keep people in line, give us a structure, prevent chaos In California, if you can get enough signatures, you can create a referendum against a law You can protest...
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2�21�08 Thoreau - Civil Disobedience(Passive...

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