English2�11�08 - has its own meaning The...

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5/8/08 8:21 PM I prefer commencing with the consideration of an effect. He choses to write about melancholy Original thought doest fly around people's heads. Its not intuition and frenzy Things are not composed in a frenzy intuition It is composed of cautious selections and rejections He selects the raven because not one point in this poem is an accident or intuition The work preceded step by step to its completion with the precision and rigid consequence of a mathematical problem. After he decided that he wanted to write a poem with a melancholy tone, he decided that he wanted it to be 100 lines. It was 108- he was very close He decides that he wanted it to be related to beauty Beauty which I maintain is the excitement or pleasure elevation of the soul. He puts beauty and melancholy together in his mind He knows that he wants the sound to be a monotone and the thought to be varied The end of each stanza is the same But the very thoughts in each stanza are different so each stanza
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Unformatted text preview: has its own meaning The refrain is nevermore Now he has to come up with a plausible reason for the use of nevermore The first bird he comes up with is a parrot but melancholy and nevermore didn't fit in So he picked the raven because it has an ill omen He had to pick a melancholy topic-picked death death allies itself with beauty death affects the grieving lover first He had to combine the idea of a lover with a raven saying nevermore The lover would have to ask the raven questions so the raven would have to say nevermore Questions started out regular ordinary questions, and ended with will you be able to bring Lenore back to me The demonic character of the bird makes him think that he could do this First Line Is climax of the poem, so then he could graduate his intensity and develop his meter He now had to incorporate the lover and the raven Put the man in the chamber and the bird tapping at the window...
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English2�11�08 - has its own meaning The...

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