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English 1ï�¢7ï�¢08 - “Live Oak with Moss” which...

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English P5 1/7/08 Fredrick Douglas Was a slave who escaped through the underground railroad. Doesn’t talk about the underground railroad to protect those who helped him Walt Whitman ( Leaves of grass ): many long poems are divided into many numbered verses.  1819-1892 born in New York His father was a father, but they end up in Brooklyn At age 12, he begins working in Newspapers He would write sentimental pieces At 17 he goes back home to teach school and continue writing in  newspapers. All parents hate his teaching, but kids love him. Ended up getting fired in a lot of jobs, because he was considered lazy, but  he was a thinker and an observer He would walk around New York City for hours, looking for everything, which  later became his ideas for poetry He was homosexual, but not out about it. His homosexuality came in into 
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Unformatted text preview: “Live Oak with Moss” which was about his feelings for men, but he didn’t want them exposed. • “Song of myself”: Most of poetry we are doing is from this section • “Children of Adam”: • “Calamus”: Live Oak with Moss o While a romantic at heart, Whitman rejects the molds of common rhyme and meter. o Instead he liked to write long lines of free verse to express his themes of democracy and individuality. o He wrote about the common people. o He wrote about pleasant and unpleasant aspects of nature. He had a lot of criticisms over time, now he is considered a father of poetry o More than free verse he cataloged and listed things 07/01/2008 16:33:00 ← 07/01/2008 16:33:00 ←...
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English 1ï�¢7ï�¢08 - “Live Oak with Moss” which...

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