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English 12508...

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Emily Dickenson “This was a poet- It is that” o A poet is able to take the things that are so simple and they can have  an insight or express it in such a way that you would never have seen  it like that before o You could never see something the same, because you will have a  whole new sense of the item. The fragrance was so strong that it  overpowered the old meaning Once you see something one way you can never see something  old again. o It is the poet who shows you the new image o We have a right to be poor in our images of the world because we  don’t decipher the images the same as a poem. o We don’t know that didn’t have these images so the poet robbed us of  realizing the truth behind the obvious. Much Madness is divine sense o
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Unformatted text preview: Creativity o She is referring to artists, free thinkers Because she could not stop for death o She is going to let death come to her; shes not going to go to it o Shes wearing a wedding dress, and her groom is death Shes been dead for centuries, but she feels as if its been a day Past present and future is happening all at once The moment you die, there is no time. All time comes together Time doesnt matter when you die In her carriage it is her, her death, and her immortality are together, and they are all one In the carriage she goes through different parts of her life. Her childhood-school. Pass through adulthood, and going through the sun 25/01/2008 13:48:00 25/01/2008 13:48:00...
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English 12508...

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