English 12908

English 12908...

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English 1/29/08 Emily Dickenson Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church o Don’t have to be  The Wind Begun to Knead the Grass o Imagery o Personification Wind is personified as: kneading grass Wind is a “he” Leaves are personified: they unhook themselves Dust is personified: scoops and throws itself Thunder is personified: it gossips o Nature Parts of a Storm Thunder Lightning Wind Rain Nature is savage Verbs she uses make a stronger impact by being  personified As the poem progresses the storm’s anger/power  increases There’s a certain Slant of light
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Unformatted text preview: o Depression/Melancholy Caused by a particular kind of light that can happen on a winter afternoon When the speaker sees this it puts a great heft and it depresses her These feelings take place inside, and it is something that you cant explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it “When it goes”: The melancholy mood, the slant of light. An experience of life and death in one moment Everything freezes 29/01/2008 15:37:00 ← 29/01/2008 15:37:00 ←...
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English 12908...

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