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English 2808...

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5/8/08 8:21 PM Born In Boston Massachusetts 1909-1949 Parents died in 1811 Raised (but not adopted) by John Allan whose name he took as a middle name 1826: entered the University of Virginia for one year considered the father of the modern detective story perfected scycology thriller Parents died when he was three always disagrees with Allen, and goes to war, and allen gets him out but then disowns him lives in Baltimore with his aunt and cousin works as the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger married his cousin when she was 13 He was recognized and critically acclaimed as a writer but was an alcoholic Virginia died of tuberculosis 2 years after their marriage He was found unconscious on a Baltimore Street alliteration: the repetition of the initial constant sound assonance: vowel sounds created in the middle of a word
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Unformatted text preview: onomatopoeia: words that are used as a sound Repetition: Repeating the last word, line or phrase over and over Rhyme Scheme: The vertical rhythm of a poem. craven: coward The Raven hears a tapping which is the crow, but he hopes that it is Lenore she was important to him but instead it is a bird he said "Nevermore" to: Lenore not coming Wen he tells the bird to leave The bird says nevermore when the man asks him where he came from His heart need soothing for depression because Lenore is gone Tome changes on line 81 Keep her by killing her Stands for Death Plutonian Shore, Black Raven, Her death, Bleak December, and the Darkness Narrator is overwhelmed with Grief He's wallowing in his grief...
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English 2808...

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