English Final Great Gatsby Paper 2

English Final Great Gatsby Paper 2 - Katherine Novak Mrs....

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Katherine Novak Mrs. Miller English P5 13 May 2008 The Pursued, Pursuing, Busy, and the Tired Throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby , a large division exists between the reckless old money citizens and the driven new money citizens. In Long Island, New York the new money citizens live in West Egg, whereas the old money citizens live in East Egg. The story is told from the perspective of Nick Caraway, an individual originally from Minnesota who moves to West Egg. In this novel, Nick narrates about his experiences with relatives and friends from both worlds. One of the prominent new money characters Nick encounters is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby has always had a goal to make his life successful. This goal is intensified once Gatsby falls in love with Daisy, who is from an old money family. Although Nick feels that chasing after Daisy is an empty dream due to her vacuous reckless life and disapproves of his underground bootlegging business, Nick sees Gatsby’s aspirations as superior to his negative drives and therefore compliments him on his driven qualities. In East Egg the citizens are old money families who don’t have to work to make a living and have become reckless with their life. Two of these wealthy old money citizens are Daisy and her husband, Tom. As Daisy’s cousin, Nick sees their uneventful lives and warns Gatsby of
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the vacuous lives that they live. While at Daisy’s house, Nick asks Daisy what they will do for that day. Daisy responds, “what’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon,’ cried Daisy, ‘and the
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English Final Great Gatsby Paper 2 - Katherine Novak Mrs....

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