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English Intro & THesis

English Intro & THesis - harsh"T" sound...

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Katherine Novak Mrs. Miller English P5 12 February 2008 The Responsibility Truth Brings Emily Dickinson wrote, “Tell all the truth but tell it slant” to the hatefulness truth can bring. She realizes the curiosity and the desire people have to discover the knowledge behind the truth. Understanding the attraction truth pulls, she explains the importance to share the truth with another with respect and compassion. To make truth easier to hear it is the responsibility of the teller to share it with care, sensitivity, and caution. Emily Dickinson's use of diction and alliteration reinforces her views on telling the truth. Dickinson uses alliteration to show the importance of truth and how to say it in a respectable manner. Dickinson starts off her people with the constant use of the
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Unformatted text preview: harsh "T" sound. She says, "T ell. ..T ruth. ..t ell" (Dickinson 1). With the harsh "T" sound Dickinson 's advice to people is to tell the truth, no matter the circumstances. She believes that every person has the right to know the truth. Although Dickinson advises people to tell the truth, she includes the importance of how to share it with the "S" sound. When talking about the way to share the truth she says, "S uccess in C ircuit lies" and "Truth's s uperb s urprise" (Dickinson 2&4). Dickinson says that if a person wants to successfully get a point across, they must take the extra steps to share it in a respectful way. If treated properly the harsh truth can come across as a "superb surprise"....
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English Intro & THesis - harsh"T" sound...

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