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Katherine Novak Ms. Callahan English P5 23 April 2007 The Effect of Humanity In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", Victor as a child had an interest in natural sciences and where life begins and ends. The event that started his researching was when he saw lightning catch a tree on fire. When he went to look at the tree he saw that the majority was gone; only splinters of the tree remained. This fascination led him to create a creature that he believed would make him a God like creator. In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", although the creature begins life innocent and good, because of his mistreatment by humanity he becomes a monster. Like any other child the monster begins life innocent in search for his mother, but Victor, his creator, left him deserted and abandoned. After Victor created the monster, he was so terrified by its physical attributes that he fled from it. After the creature realized that Victor had fled from him, he went to go find Victor. When he found him, "His jaw opened, and he muttered some articulate sounds, while a grin wrinkled on his cheeks" (Shelley 35). The monster realized that his creator or "mother" had left so he wanted to find him. When he did found him he meant to say something like, I found you, but all that came out was mumbles. At this point like a new born baby, the creature had no sense of a vocabulary or even the capability of speech. The smile that he produced was out of joy that he had finally found his creator. Unlike the creature Victor wanted nothing to do with his creation. In response to the creature's actions, Victor screams and runs away
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from him. After the creature realizes what Victor did to him, he says, "I ought to be thy
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Frankenstein - Katherine Novak Ms Callahan English P5 23...

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