Gatsby Chapter 3

Gatsby Chapter 3 - tries to keep Jordan in order Jordan...

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5/8/08 8:21 PM What is your impression of him so far Wealthy, extravagant, Classy man who throws lavish parties in a grand house Constantly has his guard up What feelings do you get of the Jazz Age from the drawings? I get that it is a fun atmosphere with dancing, drinking Define Motif. How is the second car wreck introducing a theme? What is that theme? Car Crashes: A central idea which may be directed directly or indirectly I don't need to worry about my careless driving other people should watch out for me "I hate careless people. That's why I like you" (58). Emerging theme of Nick & Jordan's conversation is that Nick is always the cautious person who
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Unformatted text preview: tries to keep Jordan in order. Jordan accepts the fact that she is careless & and thats why she allows Nick to criticize her. Jordan does not take responsibility for her actions & blames other people for her care-free lifestyle. Motif: One of the dominant ideas in a work of literature; a part of the main theme, amy consist of a character, a reoccurring image or verbal pattern GATSBY Looks like Reassuring smile Tan Short trimmed hair Elegant Around 30 Acts like Intelligent Mysterious Welcoming Hospitable Generous Observant Formal Classy Extravagant...
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Gatsby Chapter 3 - tries to keep Jordan in order Jordan...

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