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Gatsby Paragraph Homework - that it was Tom They soon...

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It is important to understand who is the driver and who is the passenger in The Great Gatsby, on their way to New York, and their way back home. On a hot day, Daisy suggests going to New York, and her husband Tom agrees. Daisy jumps with Gatsby in Tom's car, while Nick rides with Jordan, and Tom in Gatsby's car. On the way to New York, they stop by a local gas station, while Tom goes to see his girlfriend, Mrs. Wilson. While at the gas station he learns that Mr. Wilson has found out of Mrs. Wilson's infidelity, although it doesn't know
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Unformatted text preview: that it was Tom. They soon continue to New York. Furthermore, when they are leaving New York, we later find out that Daisy is driving with Gatsby as the passenger, in Gatsby's car. Nick, Jordan, and Tom are driving in Tom's car. While Daisy is driving Gatsby's car, Mrs. WIlson seeing the car that Tom pulled up in earlier, runs out to the car, hoping to talk to Tom. Daisy, being the bad driver that she is, hit Mrs. Wilson with the car. Although she has a brief hesitation to go back to help Mrs. Wilson she continues driving....
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