Great Gatsby Vocabulary

Great Gatsby Vocabulary - sauntered: (verb) walk in a slow...

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American Literature Name: Katherine Novak The Great Gatsby Vocabulary Note: the first page number is from the OLD edition (with the yellow stripe and the map in the back). The second page number is from the NEW edition (no stripe, no map). levity: (noun) humor or frivolity supercilious: (adj) behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others apathetically: (adj) dont care languid(adj) a disinclination for physical exertion or effort vacuous: (adj) having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence corpulent(adj) fat (people) insolent: (adj) showing rude and arragant lack of respect juxtaposition:(verb) contrasting succulent: (adj) [food] tender juicy and tasty nebulous: (adj) vague, hazy insidious: (adj) proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects meretricious:(adj) apparently attractive but having no reality. no value or integrity turgid: (adj) swollen and distended or congested
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Unformatted text preview: sauntered: (verb) walk in a slow relaxed manner without hurry dilatory: (adj) slow to act incredulous: (adj) unbelieve redolent: (adj) fragrent (good smell) fortuitously: (adj) happening by accident or chance rather than design amorphous: (adj) without clearly defined shape or form superfluous: (adj) unneccessary esp. through being more than enough 1. levity (5/1) 2. supercilious (28/24) 3. apathetically (33/29) 4. languid (34/30) 5. vacuous (51/46) 6. corpulent (53/48) 7. insolent (63/58) 8. juxtaposition (75/71) 9. succulent (75/71) 10. nebulous (100/94) 11. insidious (104/98) 12. meretricious (104/98) 13. turgid (106/99) 14. sauntered (112/105) 15. dilatory (115/108) 16. incredulous (129/122) 17. redolent (155/148) 18. fortuitously (169/161) 19. amorphous (169/161) 20. superfluous (173/165)...
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Great Gatsby Vocabulary - sauntered: (verb) walk in a slow...

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