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Abnormal Study Guide 1

Abnormal Study Guide 1 - Abnormal Study Guide General stuff...

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Abnormal Study Guide General stuff: Abnormal Psychology – anything that psychologically affects a person negatively Everyone is abnormal You make a relationship good by letting people in and being interested in them and their personality “one of the major problems is defining the field of abnormal psychology” Your own mind is the 5 th text. You learn from it and it raises awareness of how you function. Humans have a lot of pain Crying is an appropriate response to deep pain (you have to go inside someone to understand them) Ability to enter others is not there when you don’t understand your own pain first. (need to be comfortable with own pain before one can understand someone else’s) Pain is about the loss of love. Don’t try to change the world unless you change yourself. Know yourself! **The fundamental dynamic for understanding yourself or any human being revolves around love or loss of love. **We are all desperate to find a love relationship, but we are so afraid of being hurt We push away love far more than we know No one sees fully the extent to which they push away love. We are drawn to the traumatic event (tip of the iceberg) We need to break the empathetic connection in order to hurt someone Many people marry for security.
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Person doing interview (clinican) affects what the patient sees. Each clinician has different relationship with patient so patient acts different in front of different clinician. People are motivated by pleasure. Mystics say they are motivated by growth Love encompasses everything If a person is impatient they will have difficulties w. all other aspects of love. Ex. grudge holders, self oriented people Goal is not to become independent but to be interdependent. Principles of mysticism: (in 3-13 everything finds it way into modern psych) o 1. Super-natural reality – nonmaterial, essentially loving reality o 2. Soul – nonmaterial being of the same essence as this supernatural reality o 3. True self/false self – to protect ourselves against loss of love we develop false self. o 4. Unity – (interconnectedness) most agreed upon principle among mystics o 5. Awareness – awareness heals, as you become aware of false self, you begin to let go of it. o 6. Acceptance – you have to accept before you are aware and understand o 7. Integration – become aware so you can integrate yourself and them into harmonious relationships. o 8. presence – another word for love. Never thinking in the present. Allow yourself to be present o 9. surrender – surrender false self, give it up! o 10. teacher – we need a guy. Need someone who has expertise. o
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Abnormal Study Guide 1 - Abnormal Study Guide General stuff...

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