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Remillard 1 Kasey Remillard Mr. Scheck English 102 April 4, 2010 Madame Bovary Madame Bovary is a story of a woman named Emma Bovary. She leads an extravagant, risqué lifestyle. She has affairs outside her marriage and progresses herself into debt. The lifestyle she leads in the novel ultimately leads to the destruction of her family, financial ruin, and her death. The author, Gustave Flaubert’s extravagant and unique writing style portrays a certain culture, many novel themes, and an overall meaning of the novel. Gustave Flaubert was born on December 12, 1821 in Rouen, Normandy (Lottman 3). His father, Achille-Cleophas Flaubert was a medical director of a hospital. His mother, Anne-Justine- Caroline was an orphan (Lottman 4). Gustave was very interested in writing early in life. At the age of eleven Gustave was composing plays. He acted out some of his first plays in his father’s billiard room (Lottman 17). Gustave knew very early in his life that his passion was writing. He did not go strait into this profession. After graduating law school he went to Paris in 1843. With no great enthusiasm or success in law he began writing his first novel, Sentimental Education , the same year (Lottman 44-45). Flaubert continued with his writing until 1846 when tragedy hit his home. Both his dad and sister, Caroline, died. He then returned home to take responsibility of his mother and niece in Croisset (Lottman 62). Once, he joined the Du Camp for two years of traveling through Greece and Italy (Lottman 76). Gustave, unhappy and homesick returned home and began his novel, Madame Bovary , according to Herbert Lottman, on September 19, 1851 (96). Gustave Flaubert was very dedicated, diligent, and self sacrificing in his work. Working on
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Remillard 2 the novel for many years, Gustave Flaubert finally finished it in April 1856 (Lottman 131). As stated by Eric Gans, writer of Madame Bovary: The End of Romance , “Although Madame Bovary would remain the best known and most widely read of his writings, Flaubert continued to produce major works of fiction until his death in 1880” (55). It has been said by Herbert Lottman that Flaubert died of a stroke on May 8, 1880 (334). During the time of his writing, great changes were being made in France. It took Flaubert four and one half years to finish his novel (Lottman 131). This was in 1851 which was the beginning of the market society, Romantic era, and Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III was ruler of France (Gans 2). Before the beginning of the market society, a person was classified socially on their family’s social status. A market society allowed for anyone, regardless of social class to afford opportunity for enhancement (Gans 51). Eric Ganes stated in his novel, “The market society generates desires that are apparently fulfillable, because they are directed at articles of consumption; but the real objects of these desires lie always beyond our reach” (51). Flaubert shows this will with his character, Emma Bovary. She spent money on extravagant items for
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research paper - Remillard 1 Kasey Remillard Mr Scheck...

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