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acid base titration lab - drop of NaOH to HCl My group...

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Kasey Remillard 1-14-10 Acid-Base Titration Lab In this lab we determine the molarity of NaOH by using a titration between the strong base, NaOH and a strong acid, HCl. We first measured out 10 mL of .25 Molar HCl and put it into an Erlenmeyer flask. We also added two drops of phenolphthalein. We then got NaOH and poured it into the 50 mL buret. We had to read the initial amount of NaOH and record that number in our chart. We then started titrating and added drop by
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Unformatted text preview: drop of NaOH to HCl. My group continued this process until we saw the light pink color change in the solution. Once we saw this color change we record the final amount of NaOH. We did three different titrations all together. With all the data we record, we calculated the molarity of the NaOH. My group calculated an average molarity of the NaOH to be .206....
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