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Annotated Bibliograph 2 - Annotated Bibliography Why more...

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Annotated Bibliography: Why more females are college bound than males. Kasey Remillard Hall, Ellen and Richard Handley. High Schools in Crisis . London: Connecticut, 2004. In explaining possible reasons students, primarily boys, are not finishing high school and therefore not entering college, this author shows surveys of students stating why they cut class. The author also includes a list of high school dropout reasons for quitting, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Educational statistics. Learning Together , compares to that of this book in that both state similar reasons as to why people, boys in general are dropping out of college. While this is informative, it is concerning because it gives you the feeling of American children not appreciating their free education. Leaving Boys Behind: Public School Graduation Rates . April 2006. Mahattan Institute for Policy Research. 13 Sept. 2008 <http://www.manhattan- Institue.org/html/cr_48.htm>. This internet article shows high school graduation rates of female verses males, as well as each state graduation rate against the other. It includes that South Carolina had the lowest overall graduation rate, in 2003 of 54%, compared to that of the national over all graduation rate of 70%. This information of each state graduation rate is not exactly dependable, because “the quality of state high school graduation and dropout data is such that most states can not accurately account for their students as they progress through high school” (p. 2). In support of this article, Helping Boys Succeed in School agrees with this author’s report
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that boys are falling behind. The graduation rates included in this article do suggest that there is a male dropout problem that needs to be addressed. Mead, Sarah. Debating the Truth: Are Boys Really in Crisis. Education Sector, 2006. This meeting of professionals raises awareness of the need to educate our young men of the need for a solid basic education to get any job. Also, to obtain a middle class paying job, they must have at least some post secondary schooling.
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