Illustration Essay 2 - Target Marketing Ever had an...

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Target Marketing Ever had an advertisement just catch your eye? Maybe the colors, image, or the size of the text just draw you into it. Marketers usually have in mind a certain group of people that they are targeting for their product. These marketers use research and surveys to capture which consumers would buy a certain product. By using this information, the marketer strategizes how to catch the consumers’ interest and persuade them to buy their product. This is often done by having the consumer believe that if they use the product, they will become like the person in the advertisement. The marketers in this particular advertisement targeted young to middle aged persons, primarily women, who are weight conscious, and wanting to be thin. These marketers have drawn this audience in by the setting, image, and the text on the advertisement. This audience the marketers are attracting makes up a large population. For American women are taught through the media that to be beautiful and successful you have to be thin. Americans are largely over weight and therefore are always looking for a way to achieve weight
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Illustration Essay 2 - Target Marketing Ever had an...

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