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Conclusion: In this lab we actually tested out Hess’s Law. Through the experiment we found the enthalpy change of ammonia added to hydrochloric acid. In the experiment we added 50ml of HCl to 50 ml of NaOH solution. We then collected the temperature change after we added the HCl. We also added 50ml of NH Cl to NaOH and collect the temperature change of that reaction as well. Then we measured out 50ml of NH and added it to 50ml of HCl. Through each of these test we found the initial temperature and the maximum temperature and figured out the change in temperature. With this data we were able to
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Unformatted text preview: calculate the enthalpy change for each reaction as well as the final reaction of the two. My groups enthalpy change was calculated at – 51.40 kj, while the original enthalpy change found through Hess’s Law was – 52 kj. We were very close to the exact; however our percent error was 1.15%. We were probably a little off when measuring out each chemical, we should have been more careful when measuring. Percent Error Calculation:...
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