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science paper - kilometers from the San Andreas Fault The...

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Yesterday, April 18 San Francisco experienced the greatest earthquake ever to hit. It was around 5:15 am. It occurred along the Santa Cruz Fault Line. The strains and pressures made crust rocks slip upon and against each other along the old line of fracture. With North America on the North American Plate, California is right up against the Pacific Plate. These two plates rub up against each other all the time. This pushes California and stresses the rocks. The epicenter of this earthquake was near San Francisco. It was 430
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Unformatted text preview: kilometers from the San Andreas Fault. The earthquake lasted for 60 seconds! It also caused 450-700 deaths. It left 490 cities destroyed, 25,000 buildings gone, and 250,000 people homeless. It also destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property there. This earthquake will definitely go down in history as one of the biggest ones to hit San Francisco and caused many deaths and a lot of damage....
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