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How much gas is wasted wait on a kid at the parking lot of McCants Middle School? Is to much gas wasted waiting on a kid at school? Does one type of car use up more gas than others? Research has predicted that an eight cylinder car will waste more gas than a six cylinder car. Research has shown that we do waste too much gas on a kid at school. We need to start saving the world gas and right now is a good time. After asking parents to help me with my project I asked them to fill out a sheet. This sheet asked what type of cylinder you have, what is your average miles per gallon, what type of gas do you usually get, where you get your gas, how many minutes you waited on day one and day two. After having this sheet filled out I charted down how many gallons of gas were used up by each cylinder car.
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Unformatted text preview: I used two eight cylinders, two six cylinders and two four cylinders for my project. I found out that on average that the eight cylinders wasted .11 gallons of gas and that is two six cylinders wasted on average .4 gallons of gas. Last the two, four cylinders on average wasted 6.5 gallons of gas. So the eight cylinders did waste the most gas and the six cylinders did waste the least gas. Based on the data, the hypothesis is supported. The eight cylinders did waste more gas than the six cylinders. The eight cylinders on average wasted .11 gallons of gas, while the six cylinders wasted an average of .4 gallons of gas. The world does waste too much gas waiting on a kid at school and the world is running out of gas. We should start to save the gas right now....
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