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Nature is a place where you can find yourself, just as Emerson and Thoreau write about, just looking for path ways to walk through, while seeing all the beauty in nature. You can see the sun light shining through the trees, all the little bugs crawly around, and the crinkling noises of the leaves and twigs breaking. Nature is such a quiet, calming place where you are allowed to think, just about anything. However nature is disturbed by humans, the new technology, such as cars. People talking, and littering all over the woods, disturb the calm and relaxing place. It was hard for me to actually get the real nature experience, because of everyone talking, and all the other distractions, such as all the littler appealing my attention and all the cars driving by so loudly. People don’t see the importance of nature anymore, people are always to busy driving around in there cars, using new technology, such as computers. No one can get the real nature experience if they don’t separate themselves,
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