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1. What kind of liberty does Robert Nozick endorse, negative or positive? How is this notion of liberty related to an account of rights? How does this notion of rights relate to the Wilt Chamberlain example? 2. John Rawls describes Nozick’s libertarian theory of rights and then contrasts his own view against the libertarian view. What is the contrast that Rawls emphasizes? 3. Describe one major similarity and one major difference between the views of Thomas Nagel and David Schmidz. 4. Suppose that someone denies me the right to vote. Applying Isaiah Berlin’s concepts of liberty, in what sense does that restriction interfere with my negative liberty, if at all? In what sense does it interfere with my positive liberty, if at all? Be sure to define the two types of liberty, and explain how these relate to the right to vote. 5. Berlin believes that his account of “the one and the many” supports his account of
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Unformatted text preview: negative liberty. Why? Why is Berlin critical of positive liberty? 6. Two people in the wilderness (assume no ownership rights established) stumble across an apple tree and they decide to divide the apples evenly between them. They then settle down, and a year later new people arrive. Schmidz says that the situation is different now. Compare Schmidz’ and Nagels’ assessments about the justice of resource distribution as new people come onto the scence. 7. There is one important sense in which John Rawls’ emphasis on liberty and equality is an attempt to straddle between utilitarianism and Berlin’s account of the “one and the many”. Explain. 8. Schmidz’ account of responsibility can be understood both to assess how individuals ought to behave and how institutions ought to be designed. Explain how and why his ideas apply on both levels....
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