Models of Brain Exam _1-1__

Models of Brain Exam _1-1__ - Psyc 473A Models of Brain...

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Psyc 473A Models of Brain Function Exam #1 PUT YOUR B NUMBER ON EACH PAGE OF YOUR EXAM. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR EXAM!! There are five essay questions on this exam. Please read each question carefully and make sure you think before you answer. Answers should be typed in Arial (at least 11 point) or Times New Roman (at least 12 point) font, double-spaced. Pages should have at least 1 inch margins on all sides. The entire exam should be no more than six type-written pages long. Be concise and specific. Exams are due on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 IN CLASS . Extensions will be given ONLY with prior approval. Good Luck! 1) In making a comparison between a neuronal membrane and an electrical circuit, we suggested that the membrane potential could be represented as a battery and the voltage channels as resistances (conductances). Draw an equivalent circuit for the neuronal membrane and, using Ohm’s Law, state an equation for the membrane potential ( V m ) incorporating all of the electrical components that are
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Models of Brain Exam _1-1__ - Psyc 473A Models of Brain...

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