Questions - 1 define a drug a a substance the alters the...

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1) define a drug a. a substance the alters the physiology of the body that is not used for sustenance 2) what is a psychoactive drug a. influences physiology and then behavior 3) what is a ligand? a. An endogenous substance that is biologically active 4) what is psychopharmacology a. The study of drugs and how drugs affect the brain and behavior 5) What factors impact the affect of drugs a. Route of administration, previous/current drug history, age or physiological state 6) Why is drug abuse today different today than it was in the past a. Drugs from all cultures are available, active ingredients have been isolated, synthetic derivatives have increased potency and maximum efficacy 7) What is a self administration study a. When an animal is put in a skinner box and is allowed to self administer drugs to determine abuse potential 8) What part of the brain do all drugs of abuse affect a. Reward pathway 9) The goals of neuroscience are to create new _______ to treat drug abuse 1. Why is inhalation of a compound such an effective route of administration a. So many blood vessels in lungs 2. To pass through membranes drugs should be: a. Fat soluble b. Un-ionized c. Small in molecular size d. Or able to bind to a carrier (i.e. a protein) 3. What are some issues with the transdermal patch a. Delivers a slow, steady stream of drugs – administers drugs in a different
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Questions - 1 define a drug a a substance the alters the...

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