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Questions from - a gum – smoke b gum – patch c patch – gum d smoke – gum e smoke – patch A substance that mimics the effects of an

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Brain question: Dopamine is a neurotrasmitter that is primarily involved in” a. pleasure b. emotion c. feeding d. motor control e. Pharmacology question: Chemical alteration of a drug by body processes is called a. metabolism b. threshold c. teratogenic d. none of the above Brain question: Which of the following best describes a neuronal axon? a. they are protein sites on cells that react to endogenous Which method of nicotine administration has the quickest action and the slowest
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Unformatted text preview: a. gum – smoke b. gum – patch c. patch – gum d. smoke – gum e. smoke – patch A substance that mimics the effects of an endogenous neurotransmitter is a(n) a. neuromodulator b. antagonist c. agonist d. neurohormone In the movie the Frozen Addict, which neurotransmitter system was damaged by MPTP Answer: dopamine...
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