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Unformatted text preview: MIST 280 E-business, Strategy, Architecture & Design Architecture Introduction to e-business & e-commerce 1 Chapter at a glance Chapter The impact of the electronic communications The on traditional business on What is the difference between e-commerce What and e-business? and Business adoption of digital technologies for Business e-commerce & e-business e-commerce Management response to e-commerce and ebusiness 2 Impact of electronic communication on traditional business Organizations review new electronic and internet based Organizations communication approaches for their potential to make their business more competitive. business Some of the current opportunities which many business are Some reviewing: reviewing: Social networks…..e.g. face book Blogs……by many individuals and businesses Rich media…..online video and interactive applications Mobile commerce…..by 2007 there were around 3billion …..by wireless subscribers still growing. wireless 3 E-commerce benefits to orgs. E-commerce • Connectivity and Global Reach • Reduced Communication Costs • Lower Transaction Costs • Reduced Agency Costs • Interactivity, Flexibility and Customization • Accelerated Distribution of Knowledge 4 E-commerce defined E-commerce • The process of buying, selling, transferring, or The buying, or exchanging products, services, and/or exchanging products, and/or information via computer netwo...
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