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Needed sell side refers to transactions involved with

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Unformatted text preview: esources needed by an organization from its suppliers. needed • Sell-side refers to transactions involved with selling products to an organization’s customers. products 8 Figure 1-1 9 E-business defined E-business • • All electronically mediated information exchanges b/w organization and with external stakeholders supporting the range of business processes. (Chaffey) (Chaffey) E-business is the transformation of key business processes through the use E-business of internet technologies. of (IBM) (IBM) When a business has fully integrated information & communication When technologies (ICTs) into its operations, potentially redesigning its business processes around the ICT or completely reinventing its business model….e-business, is understood to be the integration of all these model….e-business, activities with the *internal processes of a business* through ICT. through (DTI, 2000) (DTI, * R/D, marketing, manufacturing, inbound and outbound logistics and both buyside and sell-side e-commerce are the internal business process 10 • • Figure 1-2 11 • Figure 1-1: the key business processes of buy-side the and sell-side overlap significantly, based on that 1-3a could be rejected as it shows a little overlapping between EC and EB between • 1-3b is more realistic showing that both EC and EB are synonymous are • 1-3c is most realistic showing EC to be a subset of EB as EC does not refer to many of the transactions within a business, such as processing a purchase within such order that are part of EB. (refer to definition of EB order by Marshal) by 12...
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