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Abnormal psych review final exam

Abnormal psych review final exam - Abnormal psych review...

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Abnormal psych review Schizophrenia: Residual type Disorder believed to be a major genetic and biological etiology Regardless of how strong a biological component may be you can’t understand a person unless you look at love and loss of love. (we all need love) James says no human being has an unremarkable childhood Our lives are always remarkable and fascinating Jerry is unable to give info about himself Rare parent that understands how they hurt their children or want to talk about it. Trauma theory – if nothing big ever happened to you then there is no psychological problem. (James says this is not correct. People are shaped by the moment to moment experiences.) Jerry claimed to have unremarkable history because there was no trauma. When you say childhood is unremarkable you immediately believe it’s biological. You have to take self-report (what people tell you) with a grain of salt. (doesn’t mean its true if they say it) When jerry went away to college his problems became clear. Ages 18-22 people most likely to “become schizophrenic” (stressful time because they are leaving home and making a transition. Also, as child/teen you grow up in particular family system (roles, functions, rules), so we figure out our place in world by figuring out place in family. When we leave home though, we discover our family might now generalize with society at large and this becomes a shock.) Jerry became withdrawn. He deteriorates when he goes away to college. Roommate didn’t want him as a roommate. In college, his contact with family was “infrequent” in military, it was rare. When out of military, family heard nothing for 3 years from him. (he had serious issues with family) His family was not a close family
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Conceptualization: People do poorly with theirs and others emotions. Negative symptoms are more predictive of possibility of breakdown. Ones we need to worry about are the ones that are emotionally blunted. We cant connect to them Essence of love is connection, empathy, entering someone’s world Schizophrenics keep you out, they don’t let you in. results in “crazy” Cant get info out of jerry. Therapist cant form a relationship. Jerry wont let him in Treatment: 1. medication. 2. social skills training (through community meetings, and group therapy) 3. vocational training 4. semi-independent living Medication treatment approach (side affects of medication for schizophrenia, residual type): 1. Medications are not a cure of schizophrenia 2. Compliance is important in treatment of schizophrenics. (other authors will say that the major reason given for stopping medications is that people feel an emotional numbness or deadness. They would rather have disease running through then because they feel alive. They don’t feel like human on medication that’s why they stop taking it) 3. Tardive dyskensia – permanent side effect, distressing, tongue thrusting, face
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Abnormal psych review final exam - Abnormal psych review...

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