StatusReportTemplate - • Discuss how CPI and SPI will be...

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Project Status Report Template Project Name: ____________________ Period: _______________ Project Manager: __________________ Status this Period: List each WBS item worked on during this time period with the following information o WBS Number, Task name, Owner, planned time and cost, actual time and cost,  schedule variance and cost variance o Also note if the task completed, if not then estimate to complete Activities for next Period: List each WBS item to be worked on during the next reporting time period  o WBS Number, Task name, Owner, planned time and cost Projections: Present project level cost performance index and schedule performance index
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Unformatted text preview: • Discuss how CPI and SPI will be used to generate estimate at completion • Provide Estimate to complete (ETC) and Estimate at Completion (EAC) Issues of concern: • Review top risk items from the Risk Register by including them here as bullets and giving brief explanation of status • Review any other issues that may affect project performance that needs to be communicated to stakeholders. • Review items dealt with during the last reporting period which were mentioned in this section...
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StatusReportTemplate - • Discuss how CPI and SPI will be...

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