stakeholder_analysis - <Enter name of stakeholder...

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<Project Name> Stakeholder Analysis <Author> <Date> <Version>
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Table of Contents 1.0   Statement of Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the different stakeholders involved in  <project name>. This document includes (a) a list of the stakeholders, (b) their role on  <project name>, (c) the organization or department they work for, (d) their contact  information, (e) any unique facts about them, (f) their level of interest in <project name>,  (g) their level of influence on <project name>, and (h) any suggestions for managing  relationships with them. 2.0   Stakeholder Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: <Enter name of stakeholder here> Frank White <Add columns as necessary> Role on Project <Enter role on project here> Project Sponsor Organization <Enter organization they work for here> VP of IT Contact Information <Enter contact information here> Unique Facts <Enter any unique facts about stakeholder here> Prefers use of email for project documents Level of Interest <Choose High, Medium or Low> High Level of Influence <Choose High, Medium or Low> High Suggestions for managing relationships <Enter any suggestions here> Keep informed of all project progress...
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stakeholder_analysis - <Enter name of stakeholder...

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