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St. John’s University Biology 3000: Introduction to Organismic Biology D’Angelo Center: Room 406 Lecture: Tuesday and Friday 9:00 am to 10:20 am Adopted Textbook: BIOLOGY: 8 TH Edition By Neil Campbell and Jane Reece [ ISBN: 978-0-8053-6844-4] Instructor : Dr. Emanuel J. Pepitone E-mail: [email protected] Tentative Schedule for Lectures and Examinations DAY DATE CHAPTER LECTURE TOPIC Friday 09/03/10 40 Animal Form and Function/ Internal Body Fluids/ Feedback Mechanisms Tuesday 09/07/10 40 Homeostasis/ Thermoregulation/ Energy Requirements Friday 09/10/10 41 Carbohydrate, Lipid and Protein Metabolism/ Metabolic Adaptations Tuesday 09/14/10 41 Animal Nutrition/ Essential Nutrients/ Vitamins/ Minerals Friday 09/17/10 41 Main Stages of Food Processing/ Mammalian Digestive System Tuesday 09/21/10 41 Mammalian Digestive System: Anatomy and Physiology Friday 09/24/10 48 Nervous System: Neurons/ Neuroglia/ Electrical Properties of Neurons Tuesday 09/28/10 QUIZ #1 LECTURE EXAMINATION #1: Chapters 40 and 41
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