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HW-04 - PH4 Spring 2010 HW#4 — Problems due Wednesday...

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Unformatted text preview: PH4 Spring 2010 HW #4 — Problems due Wednesday March 3, 2010 by 1:30 PM in Barus & Holley Room 514 Chapter 26 26.6. For the circuit shown in Fig. 26.40 both meters are idealized, the battery has no appreciable internal resistance, and the ammeter reads 1.25 A. (a) What does the voltmeter read? (b) What is the emf 8 of the battery? Figure 26.40 Exercise 26.6. 35.0(1 8: ? 26.20. In the circuit shown . in Fig. 26.48, the rate at which R1 is dis— sipating electrical energy is 20.0 W. (a) Find RI and R2. (b) What is the emf Figure 26.48 of the battery? (c) Find the current Exercise 26.20. through both R2 and the 10.0—Q resis- tor. (d) Calculate the total electrical 329$ power consumption in all the resistors + 1040 9 :§ and the electrical power delivered by 5 R1 the battery. Show that your results are ‘_ consistent with conservation of energy. 2.00 A 26.24. In the circuit shown in Fig. 26.52, Figure 26.52 find (a) the current in each branch and EXCFCiSCS 2624. (b) the potential difference Vab of point a 2625, and 26.26. relative to point b. 2.00 (l 10.00 21/100 0, 1 00 9570.0 V4.00 0 26.40. A 12.4-,u.F capacitor is connected through a 0.895-Mfl resistor to a constant potential difference of 60.0 V. (a) Compute the charge on the capacitor at the following times after the connec— tions are made: 0, 5.0 s, 10.0 s, 20.0 s, and 100.0 s. (b) Compute the charging currents at the same instants. (0) Graph the results of parts (a) and (b) for t between 0 and 20 3. 26.72. The capacitor in Fig. 26.74 Figure 26.74 Problem 26.72. is initially uncharged. The switch is closed at t = 0. (a) Immediately after the switch is closed, what is the current through each resistor? (b) What is the final charge on the capacitor? R1 = 8.00 o ...
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