exam1_2006 - 4 P hysics Exam I March1 ,2006 m Calculators...

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Physics 4 March 1,2006 Exam I Calculators may be used, but no books or other written materials. Answer all four questions and show the steps leading to your answers. Credit will be given based on evidence of your understanding of the material. Be sure to express all quantities in proper units. Possibly useful information Flq F. =-- 4ncn 12 Gauss'Law: qE d2-Q,,, leo F=qE r/lq t/ - -- 4nto r surface area of a sphere : 4nrt ; r -ma I I = 9.0x 10n lv .mt I C' 4neo e :I.6 x 1 0-t' C Cuq,pnrnttnt Ct + C' * "' 111 Cuq,r"ri^ Cl C2 Ruq,rrriu, -4 +Rt *"' _-+-+. .. Req,parattet R1 R, V=IR i -ioe-''^c, charging a capacitor Q: CV U:!cv2 2 P=IV b '4 rl I n I vo-vu- JE.dl
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1. Five conceptual questions. Answer briefly (a sentence or two!). (2 pts. each) (a) Two alumtnrzed spheres of equal radii hang by insulating threads. Using a glass rod and a piece of silk, how do you insure the two spheres receive exactly the same charge? (b) How does the spacing between equipotential surfaces reflect the strength of the electric field? (c) A charged conducting sphere has an electrical potential energy U. What is the
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exam1_2006 - 4 P hysics Exam I March1 ,2006 m Calculators...

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