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exam1_2007 - Physics 4 Exam I March 1,2007 Calculators may...

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Physics 4 March 1,2007 Exam I Calculators may be used, but no books or other written materials. Answer all four questions and show the steps leading to your answers. Credit will be given based on evidence of your understanding of the material. Be sure to express all quantities in proper units. Potentially useful information Gauss7 Law: jz A = Qmc /so F=gE 4 surface area of a sphere = 47r r2 ; volume of a sphere = -7r r3 3 surface area of a cylinder = 2n r L (side) +2n?(both ends); volume of a cylinder = 7c ?L V = IR -tIRC i = ioe , charging a capacitor Q=CV
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1. Two parts (5 pts each): a) A charge of +4 nCis p1.aced at the origin, and a charge of +6 nC is placed on the x-axis at x = 10 cm. i. At what location will the field = 0 ? . . 11. What is the electric potential Vat this location? b) What will be the charge on the capacitor, i. Before switch S is closed? . . 11. A long time after switch S is closed? 2. (10 pts) 6Jr. In the circuit shown on the right, what is the current (magnitude and direction) in each of -- 3 0 ~ the three resistors?
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