app2 - APPENDIX 2 Cases Jeffrey B. Goldberg UNIVERSITY OF...

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± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± APPENDIX 2 Cases Jeffrey B. Goldberg UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA CASE 1 Help, I’m Not Getting Any Younger! 1351 2 Solar Energy for Your Home 1351 3 Golf-Sport: Managing Operations 1352 4 Vision Corporation: Production Planning and Shipping 1355 5 Material Handling in a General Mail-Handling Facility 1356 6 Selecting Corporate Training Programs 1359 7 BestChip: Expansion Strategy 1362 8 Emergency Vehicle Location in Spring±eld 1364 9 System Design: Project Management 1365 10 Modular Design for the Help-You Company 1366 11 Brite Power: Capacity Expansion 1368
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CASE 1 Help, I’m Not Getting Any Younger! Profle oF a university proFessor: 45-year-old Formerly athletic male 215 pounds 71 inches tall Exercises no more than once a week. Walks 0.5 miles daily to and From the car while carrying a 10-pound brieFcase. ±amily history oF adult diabetes. I need help! My diet is terrible, and I have been gaining weight and Feeling more tired. I heard that ProFessor George Dantzig oF StanFord once used linear programming to construct a diet. It would be great iF you could tell me what to eat dur- ing each day. So, because I’m a frm believer in math- ematical models, I want you to use linear program- ming to determine a reasonable diet For me to eat during a week. It is your job to collect data For use in the model. I have the Following requirements For the diet: I like variety. You cannot prescribe a diet in which I eat just one Food during the entire week (like 10 boxes oF Total cereal). I would like to eat at least 15 diFFerent Foods during the week. You have to give me something From each oF the Four basic Food groups (dairy, Fruit and vegetable, meat, and grains)—not McFood, Frozen Food, pizza Food, or Food on a stick. I like nutrition. You cannot prescribe a diet that does not meet minimum daily requirements For es- sential minerals and vitamins. You cannot prescribe a diet in which I gain a lot oF weight. I could stand to lose a Few pounds. I hate Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, pears, and organ meats such as liver and kidney. ±orget about any canned Fruits or vegetables. Yuck. I do not eat any pork or pork products. I am not a big Fan oF Frozen dinners, no matter how nutritious or convenient they are. I don’t drink milk with any meal except breakFast. I work For the university, so I have a limited bud- get For Food. Try to keep costs less than $100 per week (the lower the better). I might consider taking vitamin pills to get nutri- tional requirements, but I would rather eat Food. Key Questions What should I eat at each meal? IF I allowed less variety, would your recommenda- tion change? IF I allowed more than $100 per week, would your recommendation change? How? What key minerals and vitamins constrain the solution?
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app2 - APPENDIX 2 Cases Jeffrey B. Goldberg UNIVERSITY OF...

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