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Experiment5 copy - Experiment #5: Optical Spectrometry...

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Experiment #5: Optical Spectrometry
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Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to observe the emission spectra of various compounds by methods of spectrometry including the use of a spectrometer and a computer, to conceive and perform a procedure to identify the composition of a solution containing multiple ionic salts, and to construct an energy-level diagram for hydrogen. Results and Discussion: First, the spectra of a fluorescent light, an incandescent light, and helium were observed through a spectrometer. The wavelength, resulting color, and intensity were recorded for each emission and line of the spectra. Color, above each spectrum, wavelength, marked on each spectrum, and intensity, indicated below each spectrum, are all shown in the attached appendix, Experiment 5: Optical Spectrometry. See this appendix for results tabulated. Intensity was estimated on a scale of 0-10 for readings recorded through the spectrometer, and recorded out of a scale of 4000 for the readings measured by the computer. When observing the helium spectrum, no wavelengths could be seen with the naked eye and spectrometer. Thus, a computer
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Experiment5 copy - Experiment #5: Optical Spectrometry...

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