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Abnormal psychology Review #2 - 1 Abnormal psychology...

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Abnormal psychology Review (exam 2) Nobody Nowhere: Autism is outside the spectrum of disorders. Most disturbed individuals with the most psychological problems. Biological cause (factors strongly indicated) o 1. schizophrenia o 2. autism For any human being the same principles of love apply in her life. Whatever her biological issues are, the development of her problems was profoundly influenced by her experiences with love (no one escapes). Applies to all humans Desire to protect parents in psychology, but it doesn’t do anybody any good. (understand how you got to be that way) it’s not about blame but how did parents behavior affect her development. She loses herself in things and disassociates herself from world (to deal with problems) Autistic – self centered Disassociation o 1. her relationship with mother Her relationship with older sister was terrible, she tried to get attention and gave up and tried to get role of “oldest” boy. (thought girls not as good as boys, as a result she will have problems with women in the future) History of jealousy with women which set up bad relationship with future daughter. o 2. we cant look at anybody’s relationship without looking at whole set of relationship (family system) triangling Pg. 8 – donna is triangled into the split down the middle, coalition for donna and father, and coalition between mom and older brother (should be mom and dad, and then brother and sister…leads to family hell) o 3. losses of love (tension between desire for love and their fear of losing love) “My father stopped existing when I was about 3” 1
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Grandfather died when she was 5. She lost her mother already too. She had major losses. She couldn’t turn to older brother because he was bound to mother. To respond to losses Donna: o Cut off from people. She disassociated. o She didn’t want physical or psychological closeness. o She would not grieve grandpas death until 16 years later (she suppressed feelings) o She created a fantasy world (she created another self who was named willie when her father stopped existing around age 3). Willie is all anger. He is suspicious, cynical. His purpose is to protect her to make up for fathers loss of protection As a result of not receiving adequate love, she tried to cut herself off from her own primary core. (if she allows herself to love, she gets hurt) but…she cant cut herself off from her need from love. A part of her keeps reaching out and putting her at risk. At 5, she meets carol (pg 16-17) She likes carol’s family and opens up to them. “she learned to perform, to copy carol” (she wanted more of this kindness and concern. She wanted to be held within the world.) When carol took donna back to park, donna was furious (loss of love) she felt betrayed. This small episode of loving kindness had tremendous effect on donna’s life. It was life changing. People are not logical.
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Abnormal psychology Review #2 - 1 Abnormal psychology...

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