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Department Requirements The student must type all drafts of a composition Students should use the vocabulary and structures they are learning or have learned previously in class before resorting to a dictionary. Students may not use online translators. Students must turn in the first draft with the final version to facilitate evaluation. Draft 1 : TAs will indicate errors in a general way, which will aid the student in focusing in on that specific word or sentence to figure out what the error is in order to then correct it for the final version. For errors in the category of accent marks, spelling, false cognates, agreement, etc., simply circle the word that contains the error. For errors in the syntactical category, such as a string of words that are misused, place brackets around the set of words that need further attention, like so: ["Sempre parlo italiano"]. In addition to marking the error, you will use the following abbreviations to indicate type of error: vt – verb tense vm – verb mood
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Composition_key_grading_ital1_3 - Department Requirements...

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