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ITALIAN COMPOSITION GUIDELINES Relative to the level of study: 9-8 Excellent to Demonstrates excellent to very good control of the language . very good * Broad command of structure, syntax, idiomatic usage, and vocabulary. control *Obvious fluency. *Natural connections. *Broad range of transitional elements. *Few significant errors. *An 8 is less impressive with regard to structure and syntax, or range in idiomatic usage and vocabulary. 7 Good Demonstrates good command of the language. command *Shows good, although not always accurate, structure, syntax, idiomatic usage, and vocabulary general fluency with some awkwardness of expression. *Appropriate connections. *A good range of transitional elements. *Some grammatical inaccuracies and errors. *Errors do not detract from the generally clear demonstration of competence and control. 6-5 Acceptable to Demonstrates acceptable to adequate use of the language . Adequate use
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compositionguidelines - ITALIAN COMPOSITION GUIDELINES...

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