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ITALIAN 2.2 Instructor: Hoang Truong Time: M-F 12-12:50 am Office Hours: T 1-3pm and by appointment Classroom: Pub Aff 1256 Office: Royce 340D Telephone: (310) 794-8913 Administrative Office: 212 Royce email: [email protected] Holidays: Nov 11 Veteran’s Day, Nov 25-26 Thanksgiving Course Description : The purpose of this course is to provide students with a sound basis for communicating effectively and accurately in Italian. Emphasis is on the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading and writing. “Real-life” activities will expose students to day-to-day contexts likely to be encountered in Italy, thus reinforcing grammatical structures learned in class and increasing functional skills. Students will also be introduced to contemporary Italian life and culture. Italian 1 will cover Chapters 1-5, Italian 2 will cover Chapters 6-10 and Italian 3 will cover Chapters 11-16 . Class will be conducted entirely in Italia n. Required Text: Avanti! by Aski and Musumeci [Note: New books come with a registration code that allows you access to the “premium content” on the textbook’s website (i.e. the “Online Learning Center”). If you buy a
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