Converse of AIA is False in Hyp Geometry

Converse of AIA is False in Hyp Geometry - and m are...

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THE CONVERSE OF THE A I A THEOREM IS FALSE IN THE POINCARE UPPER HALF-PLANE AND FALSE IN HYPERBOLIC GEOMETRY! The fact that these pairs of alternate interior angles are NOT CONGRUENT shows that the CONVERSE OF THE ALT. INT. ANGLES THM is false in Hyperbolic Geometry and false in the Poincare Upper Half-plane.
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Unformatted text preview: and m are parallel and line t is a transversal. Lines t m mAngle PQF = 58.51 mAngle BPQ = 89.83 mAngle PQD = 121.49 mAngle APQ = 90.17 Q Poincar Half-Plane P A B D F C E...
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