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Congruence between two triangles wksheet

Congruence between two triangles wksheet - Congruence...

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Unformatted text preview: Congruence Between Two Triangles Worksheet The notation AABC ll __ AGHF means that the correspondence ABC <---> GHF is a congruence between the two triangles and hence, corresponding parts of these congruent triangles are congruent. Which of these correspondences between the vertices of these two triangles are congruences between the two triangles? Correspondence ABC ABC ABC BAC BAC <---> RST <---> RTS <---> TRS <---> STR <--.> TRS Congruence between Triangles? Yes I No Yes I No Yes I No Yes I No Yes I No True (T) or False (F) ? AABC 5 ARST is TIF. AABC g ARTS is TIF. AABC a ATRS is TIF. ABAC s ASTR is TIF. ABAC E ATRS is TIF. ...
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