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Alternative-Parallel-Postulates - Alt 2 there is exactly...

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The Three Alternatives for a Parallel Postulate (P.P.) Given a line l and a point P not on line l , . . . Angle Sum Alternative Postulate Completion Type in a Triangle A Model Alt 1) there is no line through Elliptic P.P. Greater than 180 ° The Surface of P and parallel to l . a Sphere
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Unformatted text preview: Alt 2) there is exactly one Euclidean P.P. Equal to 180 ° The Cartesian line through P and (EPP) X,Y Coordinate parallel to l . System Alt 3) there are 2 or more Hyperbolic P.P. Less than 180 ° The Poincare lines through P and Half-Plane Model parallel to l ....
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