Lola Lago Book 2

Lola Lago Book 2 - 1 Today is July 15th and it is very hot...

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Today is July 15 th and it is very hot in Madrid: 38 degrees. Lola enters her office at 9:30 in the morning and it is already hot. She’s not in a good mood. She has a toothache and had a very bad sleep. Lola has an agency of private detectives. But things for the company aren’t going very well. The whole word is preparing for vacations and nobody needs private detectives. En her (?), Lola looks at herself in the mirror. She is not pretty: she has a swollen face like a soccer ball. She is tired and bad tempered. She still has not had a day that she has been able to go to the pool. Nor the beach. Lola has two assistants, Paco and Miguel. In their office on Alcala street also works Margarita, the secretary, and Feliciano, who works less than all of them: he goes and gets the coffees, goes on runs to the bank, … Feliciano is very slender and a little cross eyed. And he has two hobbies: writing poems, love poems for Margarita, the secretary and eating bocadillos in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the evening … Margarita doesn’t know that Feliciano is in love with her. Margarita is a very god girl but she has a defect: she loves to talk on the phone for hours and hours with Tony, her boyfriend. For her, Tony is much more handsome than Robert Redford. When Lola arrives, Feliciano is eating a tortilla bocadillo and Margarita, naturally, is speaking with Tony. -- Yes, my love, yes ……… absolutely my heart -- “Have Paco and Miguel arrived?” –asked Lola -- No, not yet. But Miguel called. He is not feeling well – expained Margarita Paco and Miguel are two marvelous guys but they always arrive late. Miguel is very timid and he gets sick each time he goes out with a girl. And yesterday he went to the movies with a girl … Paco’s problem is different: he falls in love every week with a new girl, always exotic girls. He is short, fat, and a little bald. But with the girls he is like Humphrey Bogart. --Paco called at 9 – Feliciano now explained -- and?? Asked Lola he said he was going to be very late, that he has a very important subject -- an important subject … what did he call this important subject? -- I believe he called her Susanne. She is German and … Feliciano did not speak a lot but he always knew everything. -- brrrrr – Lola simply said. What a team! -- what happened with your face, Lola? – asked margarita -- you didn’t see? A toothache, a very painful toothache – answered Lola and entered into her office. But Margarita continued speaking, Margarita always speaks a lot: --You need to go to the dentist because toothaches are horrible. I know a very good dentist that . . Lola closed the door to her office. When she feels bad, she doesn’t want to listen to rambling. 2
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Lola Lago Book 2 - 1 Today is July 15th and it is very hot...

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